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Here Media Pines, interpreter of Dostoevski, signs her name boldly at the top at the end of one of her readings at the Steinitz house. The group includes about 17 persons including Media’s sister Lisa, gallery owner Herbert von Garvens, Hanns Krenz, the Gliechmanns, the Stuttmanns and the Schwitters (Kurt’s signature is signed "Citizen and idiot" – lower left, 3rd from bottom). In the lower right hand corner someone has drawn a small caricature of Mussolini.





On February 8, 1925, Schwitters brought over Herwarth Walden (German expressionist, promoter of avant-garde art and owner of the Sturm gallery in Berlin) to the Steinitz house. Schwitters introduced Walden to the Steinitz children as, "Uncle Herwy Bubikopf" (with the bangs). Walden gave a short recital on the Steinitz family piano. Hans Nitzschke, who signed-in 3rd from the bottom, was also present.




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